Testimonials: Kelly Evitt,Virtual Gurus

Ryan, a neurodivergent entrepreneur, recently delivered engaging talks on neurodivergency in business at Virtual Gurus, where Kelly Evitt, the community coordinator, expressed her gratitude for his insights. She found his discussions on the tools used by neurodivergent entrepreneurs fascinating and took detailed notes with the intention of implementing some of these tools in her work with clients. Kelly appreciated Ryan’s humility, vulnerability, and the inspiration he provided.

Ryan’s willingness to share his experiences was acknowledged by Kelly, who highlighted the value of his insights and expressed her intention to integrate the discussed tools into her work, expecting positive outcomes for her clients. She also expressed gratitude for the hope and inspiration provided by Ryan’s discussions.

Overall, Kelly found Ryan’s discussions tremendously compelling and discussed how the insights gained from his talks would benefit both her work and her clients. Ryan’s talks provided a valuable perspective on neurodivergency in business, and Kelly was eager to implement some of the tools discussed into her professional endeavors.

Pathway to the Heart

Navigating Life with Empathy and Insight

Ryan Perez’s book “Pathway To The Heart” is a profound and inspiring journey through his life, marked by personal and neurodevelopmental challenges, including family turmoil and struggles with Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD. His narrative delves into overcoming bullying, the transformative power of mentorship and community support, and the journey towards embracing his neurodiversity. Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he turns adversity into opportunity, underlining his philosophy of using the heart as a guide. This book is not just a personal memoir but a beacon of hope and resilience, offering valuable insights into the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the strength found in one’s unique life path.