The Magic Behind “The Presents Rap”: A Case Study on Matthew Perry’s Transformation for The Ron Clark Story


“The Ron Clark Story” (2006) is a television film inspired by the real-life story of Ron Clark, an innovative and passionate teacher who inspired his students to believe in themselves and their abilities. The film stars Matthew Perry as Ron Clark, who delivers a powerful performance that showcases his versatility as an actor. One of the memorable scenes in the movie involves Perry’s character rapping and dancing to a song called “The Presents Rap.” This case study outlines the four-day process of teaching Matthew Perry how to rap and dance for this unforgettable scene.


To make “The Presents Rap” scene believable and engaging, Matthew Perry had to learn how to rap and dance in a short period. The production team sought the help of a professional rap and dance instructor to achieve this transformation. The instructor’s experience in teaching various styles of dance and rap would prove instrumental in helping Perry master the necessary skills to bring Ron Clark’s energy to life.

The Four-Day Process:

Day 1: Introduction and Assessment

The first day involved a meet-and-greet between the instructor and Matthew Perry. This allowed them to build rapport and establish a comfortable working relationship. The instructor assessed Perry’s natural rhythm, coordination, and movement to determine the best approach to teach him the rap and dance routine. The day concluded with a basic introduction to rapping and dancing concepts.

Day 2: Rapping and Dancing Lessons

On the second day, the instructor focused on teaching Perry the fundamentals of rapping, including rhythm, rhyme schemes, and flow. Perry practiced rapping the lyrics to “The Presents Rap” and received feedback on his performance. Simultaneously, the instructor introduced Perry to the choreography of the dance routine, breaking down each movement step-by-step. Perry practiced these steps until he felt comfortable with the routine.

Day 3: Merging Rap and Dance

The third day marked the merging of rapping and dancing. Perry continued to practice the rap while incorporating the dance moves he had learned the previous day. The instructor offered guidance and encouragement, helping Perry polish his performance and build confidence in his newfound skills.

Day 4: Final Rehearsal and Filming

On the final day, Perry and the instructor focused on perfecting the rap and dance routine, making any necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless performance. Once Perry felt confident with his performance, the scene was filmed, capturing the culmination of their four-day collaboration.


Matthew Perry’s commitment to learning the rap and dance routine for “The Presents Rap” scene in “The Ron Clark Story” demonstrates the dedication and hard work that goes into creating memorable on-screen performances. The four-day process not only helped Perry embody the passionate and innovative spirit of Ron Clark but also showcased his versatility as an actor. With the help of the rap and dance instructor, Perry’s transformation brought a captivating and inspiring scene to life, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

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