Empowering Advocacy Through Humor, Art and Resilience

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Ryan Perez, also known as Digital Stem Cell, is a dynamic advocate for invisible disabilities and resilience. As a comedian, public speaker, author, content creator, and influencer, he uses his platform to raise awareness and inspire change.

Dynamic Advocate for Invisible Disabilities
Inspiring Change Through Comedy and Storytelling

His unique blend of humor and storytelling makes complex issues accessible, while his writing and digital content provide practical advice and support. A personal brand strategist, musician, artist, and dedicated father, Ryan's diverse talents and unwavering commitment to advocacy make him a beacon of hope and empowerment for many.

Empowerment Resilience Advocacy

Welcome to the dynamic world of Ryan Perez, a multifaceted powerhouse dedicated to transforming lives through humor, advocacy, and creative expression. With a unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and a genuine passion for helping others, Ryan has emerged as a leading voice in the realm of invisible disabilities and resilience.

Content Creator & Influencer:

Ryan's impactful content reaches a broad audience, inspiring and educating through social media, videos, and other digital platforms.

Public Speaker:

Ryan's compelling storytelling and dynamic speaking style captivate audiences, making him a sought-after speaker for events, conferences, and workshops.

Invisible Disabilities Advocate:

Ryan champions the cause of individuals with invisible disabilities, shedding light on their experiences and advocating for greater understanding and inclusion.


Inspiring Change, One Story at a Time.


With a sharp wit and an infectious sense of humor, Ryan uses comedy to break down barriers, connect with audiences, and deliver powerful messages in an engaging and relatable way.


As an author, Ryan shares his insights and experiences through written words, offering valuable perspectives on resilience, advocacy, and personal growth.

Personal Brand Strategist:

Helping individuals and organizations build authentic and powerful personal brands, Ryan offers strategic insights and practical advice for standing out in a crowded marketplace through the art of storytelling.

Musician & Artist

Ryan's creative talents extend to music and art, where he expresses his unique perspective and connects with others on a deeper emotional level.


Above all, Ryan is a dedicated father who understands the importance of family, balance, and nurturing the next generation.

What People Are Saying

Ryan Perez's powerful message of resilience and humor has left a lasting impact on our audience, inspiring change and fostering understanding.

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Ryan was a phenomenal speaker with a message that comes directly from the heart. He spoke about inclusion within an intersectional framework, which made it relevant for any marginalized community looking for inspiration and validation. His passion makes his public speaking highly engaging and entertaining, so no one will be falling asleep in the back row.

Ty McKinney

Ryan is super engaging. He is a voice for neurodivergent people. Cross that out. He’s a voice for people. I really appreciate Ryan passionately sharing his heart and experiences. The world is a better place with Ryan in it, speaking up.

Britton Ledingham


"Ryan Perez is undeniably a rising force, not only within the neurodivergent community but on a global scale. His multifaceted contributions are lighting the way for countless individuals, and I am genuinely grateful to have him within our network, serving as a valuable resource, and dare I say, a friend with whom we can grow."

Clarice Turner


"I am both a member and an advocate of neurodivergence and the amount of competence Ryan demonstrated around the topic was second to none. In addition, there were a lot of "bridging the gap" moments that I was enlightened on the correlation of the topic of neurodivergence and systemic racism. "

Steven J Pope


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